Petr Kozelka

Buildozer 1.0.0-alpha-5 released

23 May 2010 -


Next version of "buildozer" is out.
Buildozer is a tool for simplifying transitive builds on modules with SNAPSHOT dependencies. It especially simplifies propagation of code changes from changed module(s) to those depending on them, while skipping builds of unaffected ones.

Installation instructions are available here. Project main web is

Changes since version 1.0.0-alpha-4

New features:

  • FAILED modules are not rebuilt unless changed (or their dependencies changed)
  • added command "doall" pretending that all modules have changed = full rebuild


  • stanalone jar installer - fixed NPE in artifact downloading
  • return nonzero exit code on failure


  • log file and failure indicator stored in subdir of repository's installation target
  • added option --version, both in standard and in xml format
  • simplified the way of listing installed artifact of a module (not using special mojo on mvn commandline)


Users can

or contribute any other way - some hints are here.

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